May 19, 2013

#RevoltNowFit - Week 3

Revolt with Nicole Huntsman

I have completed half of my first Revolt Six Week Uprising.  I wish I could say how much improvement I've made or how proud I am of myself, but I didn't and I can't.  It makes we want to cry.  I am even late writing this week's post because I didn't know how to make my week 3 update not sound so bad.  So I'm not going to, as it has always been my personal motto to 'keep it real' on my blog.

This is an excellent fitness program and I actually do like the workouts.  So what is my problem?  I start off the week well, but then don't end the week so well.  I could blame last week's failures on getting ready for vacation and moving or me getting sick in the middle of the week, but these are just excuses.  I will tell myself that I'll do my workout after I do this or that and then it's late and I'm too tired.  I must find a way to  make myself workout in the morning, or it just won't happen.

I wish Nicole could reach through my computer screen and slap me around every once in a while.  Seriously though, I only have 3 weeks to get this body tone for vacation.  It's time for me to kick myself in the ass and start buckling down.

Goals For Week 4
  • Complete every single workout
  • Drink more water
  • Interact with Revolt members group on Facebook more
I realized how much I missed the group this last week and will make it a point to take the time to check it daily.  This group is really fabulous for moral support and tips.  There is no negativity or bologna that I see in a lot of other Facebook groups.  

Now you can try the Revolt Fitness Program out before committing to a six week uprising.  Test drive it for a week for FREE.  We can even help keep each other motivated and trade notes. 

Sign up here>>Free Kickstart Week

Remember to check back next week to see if I got out of my slump and met my goals.....?  The suspense is killing me:)


Anonymous said...

I love your goals for the week! I am so bad about not getting in enough of that H2O that it's one of my biggest goals, too. You can do it! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks. Sometimes it just takes one step at a time.

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