March 23, 2012

How To Use VISIBLI for branding!

I am sure you have all heard about branding.  If you are doing business online, you need to brand yourself in social media.  Let people know who you are and what you're all about.  It's easier to establish valuable contacts when you put yourself out there.

I have found a cool tool to make you more visible when posting links.  Visibli Social Analytics allows you to add an engagement bar to your links and provides tracking information.  You can customize the engagement bar to you needs, whether you are a brand or an individual.

First you choose a template and background color. Then you can add social media buttons, rss links and more.  I also recommend adding your profile picture too.

As an example I took a screen shot of my engagement bar.  I have my picture, social media buttons, an rss feed of my blog and tweet and like buttons.

Now that you have made your bar made, it is really easy to add it to your links. 
  • Connect your Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.  This allows you to automatically track all your shared links and have a real-time view of clicks.  You connect these accounts under the Settings tab.  Also in settings, if you select the engagement bar ON option, your custom bar will be added to your links automatically.
  • Install on your Tweetdeck or Seesmic desktop apps.  Use Visibli as your custom URL shortener to convert all your links with one click everytime you share using your desktop app.  Full instructions are given on how to install with your app.
  • Install on your blog or website.  Visibli will give you a short javascript code to add to your blog, or if you use WordPress just install the plug-in. Now every external link from your site will show your branded bar.  This has increased user retention by 12% .Use the bookmarklet.   Drag and drop the bookmark button to your bookmarks tab in your web browser.  I love using this convenient option.  When I am on a webpage I wish to share on Facebook or Twitter, I now click on my 'Personalize with Visibli' button.  A new window pops up with the current website's URL converted to one with your engagement bar and click the share button. 
After you've been sharing your links, you want to know how they are performing.  Visibli social analytics will send you a weekly e-mail with your top performing links, and go to the website for even more link details.  Get details such as:
  • # of link clicks
  • # of engagement bar clicks
  • # of links re-shared
  • Best time to post your links
  • Where your audience is coming from
You can view this information in real-time or for the last 14 days.  There is also an upgrade option for even more details of the last 30 days.  Personally, the free version works just fine for my needs. 

So, my social butterflies, make yourself more visible and see your results grow.  I would also like everyone to enjoy the weekend.  Take a break and go enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Peace Out:)

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March 17, 2012

$500 Contest for Bloggers

I have been entering a lot of contests lately.  Therefore I thought it would be cool to add some here for my readers.  Any contest I post on this blog is free and easy to enter.  Who will the next winner be?

Enter to win $500 cash with  It is a great site where giveaways are listed and now they are having their very own.  After you login to ContestChest, use the Rafflecopter form below to submit your entries to win $500.  Good Luck everyone:)  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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March 13, 2012

Do you have a Twitter Imposter?

Are you an active Twitter user?  It is possible you may be even more popular than you thought.  I have noticed a rash of Twitter imposters in the last couple of months.  I am active on Twitter and use a Follow Friday program to mention and thank my tweeps.  Keeping up with my Follow Friday ritual is how I discovered these imposters.  I started noticing new accounts with my picture and bio, but a different name. 

This is my real Twitter account:

 These 2 are imposter accounts:


I really do not know what their purpose is with these accounts, but I didn't like it.  So I contacted Twitter support and filled out the special form they have for imposters.  I waited a week or so and received the answer pictured below.

I guess since they are not using my name too that they don't consider it an imposter issue.  I keep clicking the spam button on their accounts and maybe they'll go away.  The very first one I found has disappeared, but more remain.  I have also started noticing the same thing happening to some of my Twitter friends. 
We must just have the most beautiful profile pics and captivating biographies.  Ha Ha

Have you had a similar experience?  Please comment if you have dealt with Twitter clones.

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