August 31, 2009

Sites Closed

There are a couple of GPT sites that have decided to close. My Flipper Cash and Peace & Love GPT. You can go ahead and try to go to their site as usual, but it will take you to There it will tell you about the site closing and who to contact with any questions about earnings, unused advertising and any other questions. I also heard that Make That Dollar was going to be closing also, but I am not sure on this one. So If anyone has heard of it closing or any other site, please leave a comment.
Here is one of my best paying GPT's. They have a great admin and payouts. Also 100% paid on referrals. Click on the link or paste into your browser and join me in making some extra cash.

August 16, 2009

Flood your site with quality free traffic!

Traffic Exchanges are a great way to promote your sites and gain referrals. One of these sites that is in the top 5 list of traffic exchanges is Traffic Splash. You surf pages to earn surf rewards. Then turn your surf rewards in for various forms of ads. You can choose banner impressions, text ads, splash pages, etc. They also have great daily contests, giveaways, and many others bonus items. Right now there is $3000 up for grabs in the referral contest. The top referrer earns $600. Traffic Splash pays you $1 for each referral. Participating in traffic exchanges is a must in building your downline and increasing earnings.

August 9, 2009

Check out some of my online earnings

I thought I would post some of my earnings from a few of my survey sites. If you have any questions about these sites or any others I have posted, please let me know. I love to get comments and questions. It's also a good way to see what others are doing and learn from them. So let's work together and make some money!

Quick Rewards
Current Earnings-$2.12 Paypal Pmts Received-$72.00!F94VXV35D49LF

You Free Surveys
Current Earnings-$13.35

Current Earnings-$2.00 Paypal Pmts Received-$15.00

Ipsos I-say Panel
Current Earnings-$2.90 $10 Amazon Gift Card Payment Received

Palm Research
Current Earnings-$14.50

August 5, 2009

The GPT trend

I have recently been trying out some GPT sites. You won't become rich from this, but you can earn some extra money. And these days who couldn't use some extra money in their pocket. Just click on a banner and check them out. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Earnings-$9.33 Earnings paid-$6.47


August 2, 2009

Scam Alert

Cash 4 Offers
This is a GPT site that offers you cash incentives to take surveys, shop, complete sign-up offers and read e-mails. When you sign up they tell you your minimum cashout to paypal is $25 with a 1% fee and $50 with a $5 fee for a check. When I almost reached payout they stopped crediting my account and said I needed to complete another $.50 survey to reactivate my account, which I did. Then I reached the $25 paypal payment. I went to cash out and suddenly it was now changed to a paypal minimum of $35 with a 5% fee and $100 with a $10 fee for a check. I just recently saw this site on a couple of watch lists and now know for sure to add it to the blacklist. Don't waste your time with them.

August 1, 2009

Recommended Site of the day.

This is a survey site that has been around since 1999 and is BBB accredited. They have a $5.00 sign-on bonus and offer several surveys a day with a cash value of at least $1.00 and on up. There is a minimum cash out payment of $25, which is easy to reach. You can cash out to paypal or receive gift certificates.
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