December 31, 2010

Free Income Opportunity

Have you ever wondered how Twitter and Facebook were able to host your personal profile site on the internet?

They collect ad revenue by placing advertisements on your page.....go look right now at your Facebook page and see for yourself.

Facebook took in over $1 billion last year in advertising revenue.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share in their prosperity?

Facebook and Twitter do not share with you but you can take a look at this Social Networking site and see for yourself that you can begin to share in this advertising revenue.

>>Own The Web

It's totally free (for life) and you can get paid to:

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The list goes on and you can get paid for all of it.

Make Money With ZERO Investment!

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5) Cuts out the Middle Man and Pays you from your internet and home use and from your downline
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This program could very well dwarf Facebook, Twitter and My Space.
I have to urge you to get in NOW and start making Money Today. Everyone will be doing this.


December 3, 2010

Are Your Affiliate Commissions At Risk?

Don't lose affiliate commissions, secure your affiliate links!

So you have finally stepped into the world of making money online. You too, like many others, have decided to start with the affiliate programs. Also, you must have heard that it is possible to make good money with affiliate marketing, provided you choose the right programs and do some strategic planning while promoting your affiliate products. So far so good.

Whether you are promoting other people’s products or promoting your own products – that doesn’t matter because after all it is nothing but your own business and your means to earn good money. So whichever be your case, I am sure you would not want to leave money on the table and invite others to steal your share of profit.

Even though the industry of affiliate marketing is pretty competitive but if you are cautious and are strategic in your marketing techniques then, it could be very profitable for you.

Take a close look at the industry, you will see that not every one who gets into affiliate marketing is successful. People who are doing well leave no room for failure and take all security measures and understand its importance.

Yes! Security is one of the key factors in affiliate marketing. If you do not adopt proper security measures, then your business will be at high risk. One of the most important way to restore security is to protect your affiliate links. Do not take them for granted. A bit of carelessness on your part in regards to affiliate links may cost you a lot of dollars.

Do you know the long complicated links that you send to your prospective customers not only look convoluted but they can create a lot of problems too! If you send such an affiliate link to your customers, then the smart ones will definitely figure out that you are promoting someone else’s product and they would rather visit the parent company. Also, if your link does not function then your customers have to type a really long URL into the browser, which will definitely put him or her off.

You could be a victim of even a worse situation. What if some devious Internet pirates steal your affiliate links and replace them with theirs. If they do that, then you get no commission at all.

Did I scare you off with all of the above possibilities? Well, that certainly wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to open your eyes and state facts that actually happen in the world of Internet. It happened with me until I came across ViralURL , that brought a revolution to my online ventures.

So, if you are not getting the desired results out of your affiliate marketing,don’t lose hope. There’s definitely a remedy to this problem and that is

Do I hear you asking, what is it and how can it help in averting any adverse situation for an affiliate marketer like me?
Be patient and read on, if you love your business.

ViralURL is a link cloaker that protects you in the truest sense. There may be many unethical people lurking around, who might play with your affiliate links by cutting them off or replacing them with their own etc. How much effort you put in towards building your business and advertising your business, if your links are tampered with, then all your hard work will be rendered useless.

In order to avoid such a rip off, ViralURL gives you full protection and sees to it that your affiliate links never get exposed to others.

So save yourself from getting ripped. Get all the commissions to your account that you rightfully deserve. All this is made possible by

It is a blessing for every affiliate marketer like you and me, who wants to achieve success in their endeavor.

Is ViralURL limited to only link protection?


It does much much more than that. Let’s see what ViralURL can do for us:

*ViralURL helps us in protecting commission.
*ViralURL helps in building mailing lists.
*ViralURL helps in tracking statistics.
*ViralURL helps in earning extra ad credits.

In short, ViralURL allows us to create massive business leverage.
I don’t see any negative aspect associated with ViralURL. All you have to do is join it for free, then cloak your links, promote them and see your business soaring higher and higher.


November 17, 2010

Free Stock Market Fun

Are you interested in the stock market? I found a cool and fun site where you can build your own virtual stock portfolio. Even if you know nothing about the stock market, it's a great way to learn without any risk and it's FREE to join. If you do know the stock market, this site is also for you. Up/Down has monthly contests where top performers can earn real cash. You can post your own stock analysis and read what other members are posting about popular stocks, or start a contest with your friends. Come check out the FREE fun and see how you do in today's market.

October 29, 2010

An Alternative To Clickbank

Just a quick post to let you know about another marketplace that can give you an alternative to Clickbank.

While I like Clickbank, and they are a great marketplace... they are limited to many restrictions to sell products or earn affiliate commissions...

Well, there is a GREAT NEW SERVICE now...

It is a new FREE marketplace where you can sell any product you want.

You can sell your own product or become an INSTANT Affiliate for ANY item in their HUGE marketplace.

It is called!

Did I mention it is 100% FREE to Join!

This site is going to KILL all other marketplaces. Check it out and see what they have to offer.


October 20, 2010

Check Received

I received my first check.  Send Earnings will pay you to read e-mails, take surveys, play games, shop and more. You can also receive credit from the earnings of anyone you refer. Now that I have received my first check, I am automatically upgraded to Gold Member. Gold members receive special offers, double the sweepstakes entries, random referrals and weekly payments instead of monthly. Send Earnings is a trusted site that has been paying it's members for over 10 years. So why not get paid for activities you already do online. Also FREE to join.

Earn Cash Today                                                                                                                                       


October 13, 2010

Top Management Uses Blogs To Increase Business

Top management executives at corporate giants like Sun Microsystems, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, General Motors and Hewlett-Packard are in the blogging arena. What is prompting these busy executives to take time out form their hectic schedules to join in the conversations in the blogosphere? Simple, it is the desire to promote a new atmosphere of openness with employees, shareholders, customers, prospects and the general public in the process not only increasing business but, more so, giving a human voice to the company.

Why are the bosses blogging?

“What began as an experiment has become an important means of communication for GM. It has given me, personally, an opportunity to get much closer with you, the public.” These are the words of former General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz.  His blog has received more than 5,000 visits and 13,000 page views a day. 

Blogging provides management with a fast and cost-effective means of conducting two-way communications with the company’s audience. Management and customers, industry peers or the public all have the opportunity to respond either in the comment box or their very own blogs. Management wants to find out how the public views the company so it can improve its products or services. Listening and engaging the blogging community can turn out to be a highly effective way of discovering what your targeted audience thinks about your company.

Top management can use feedbacks, good and bad, to their advantage.  Unfavorable comments are not filtered out. Management evaluates these inputs and responds accordingly. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz emphasized it is extremely important to run the bad with the good comments or else credibility will suffer.

As a whole, top management executives use blogs to help generate sales thereby increasing business. Blogs help them develop a human voice that customers, prospects, shareholders, industry peers, employees and the general public can relate. Giving a human voice to the company is significant as people basically do business out of relationships as they do out of prices and benefits. Blogging promotes a two-way communication about what is important to companies and communities – dialogue that more often than not builds a working relationship.

With the amount of blog readers rising daily, expect more top management executives blogging to increase business.

October 8, 2010

Lightspeed Payment Proof

Lightspeed Consumer Panel is a popular survey panel.  It is on my top 10 list of best paid survey sites. I usually get a couple survey invites a day and qualify regularly.  Lightspeed works on a point system.  Surveys pay anywhere from 50 -300 points.  I cash in my points for paypal payments. (575 pts=$5)  Lightspeed also has a monthly sweepstakes drawing for $5000.  I have earned $50 with them so far and below is my latest payment proof.


September 29, 2010

Don't Lose Any More Time And Money...

When I first started out online, I joined a lot of programs and services that ended up being a huge waste of my time.  They sounded so great and made promises of money and benefits, but most of them were just hype.

I no longer waste my time with worthless programs and products because I found Internet Marketing Report Card.

IMRC is a community that's updated daily with reviews of popular internet marketing products, services and people.

Wondering if that product or service you're thinking of buying is worth it?  Now you can find out before you buy.  You can get real reviews from real users like yourself.  Also find out who and what are in the top 25.
You can also grade products you're familiar with, report scams, add comments and write your own reviews, and even earn points just for participating.

If you're like most people you've probably already bought or have experience with dozens of the products, services and people already reviewed on the site.  If you grade and comment on them you could easily earn some points right now and then turn them into cash.

Check out the video below and see what IMRC can do for you.

If we all just make a little effort we can make it a lot harder for the promoters of crappy products to do business online, and shine the spotlight on those that deserve it.

September 13, 2010

How to increase traffic through Social Networking sites?

Nowadays, Social networking sites popularity is increasing day by day like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc…., we can say social networking is one of the best and free ways for increase traffic on our site. Social networking is important in blogging and if you can’t do social networking then it’s a rare chance that you’ll be successful in blogging. Leaving comments and trackbacks is part of social networking.

Increase traffic through Friends
Friends are the heart of the social networking attitude, and when promoting content this can be a valuable tool
in viral marketing. The more friends you have in your network, the more visibility you will have when
promoting. But be somewhat careful when accepting friend requests.  You don't want to end up with 500
friends that you have nothing in common with.  You want people that are in the same field, have similar
interests so you can help each other grow your business.

Increase traffic through Blogs
Blogs are one more great way to spread the word, most blogs allow you to post comments. I use these blogs
to post a comment then I include a link to one of my sites. I achieve a free back link for simply commenting on
a story. Just make sure you are leaving good comments that actually pertain to the blog post.

Put a face with the name
You may not understand it, but by passing on uploading your picture, you are also passing on an opportunity
to get more people clicking on your articles. Why? Well, for one, it is known that spammers don't usually take
the time to upload a picture. Second, it is called ’social’ networking and ’social’ bookmarking sites. If you are
trying to be ’social’ then you should put a face to your name.

Increase traffic through Profile Pages
If you are a keen online social network's, you will have a pimped out profile page. Here are a few examples of
how you can increase visibility to your content. On my profile pages at Myspace, Facebook, Peoplestring and
etc., I have links to all my social network profiles & personal projects. This does 2 things; increases my link
back total to my projects and shifts visitors to my other profile pages so I get more friends! Promote your RSS feeds via your profile pages, the service displays recent RSS activity and the service is free.

Increase traffic through bulletins
Bulletins use your friends list, basically the more friends you have the more views your bulletins receive.
Common sense! Some people use bulletins way to much and you do not want to get known as a spammer.  So my advice is to use this angle a few times a month and keep them simple, this keeps the bulletins friendly and not to over bearing.

Increase traffic through Content
Nothing is more important than content. If you are a good writer and you write about interesting topics, you
are going to do well on the social networking sites. People seem to like top 10 lists, top 20 lists, etc. Also put
some personality into your writing.  I like when people relate the subject matter to a personal experience or

Finally, make sure that you are part of a few of the more popular social networking websites. These
memberships will build your own network. As your social network grows you can invite your contacts to join you on other sites.  This should start a sequence reaction that will get them inviting their own contacts and so on.  Finally your network will grow to a point where it becomes truly helpful.

Please feel free to check out some of my social profiles, leave a comment and tell me what you think!  You can view all my profiles from my Faceplate.  Check it out and you just may want to make your own Faceplate for free.

August 25, 2010

Keeping Track Of Your Site's Visitor Statistics

When it comes to internet statistics, the most important statistic at the end of the day is how many orders or inquiries you received.  However, your ability to improve your orders and site performance will depend on your understanding of your website’s other underlying traffic statistics. Here are some things to watch out for.

First of all, forget about “hits”. Whenever someone requests a file it is a hit. If you visit a web page, then you are requesting several files all at once: the file for the page and the files for all the graphics on the page. By visiting one page on a site you are registering several hits. “Hits” is a very vague term and doesn’t give you a good picture of what is happening on your site.

A better indicator of your traffic is the amount of unique visitors you receive each day. Your number of unique visitors will give you a rough idea of how many people visited your website on any given day. Compare this number to the amount of orders or inquiries received, and you can figure out your conversion rate.

Another important internet statistic to keep you eye on are the referrers.  A referrer is the website where a person was visiting prior to landing on your site. Search engines are important referrers, and sites that link to you are other referrers. Compare your referred traffic to total traffic and you will see how many people just typed in your url and how many came after seeing your link in another location.

Knowing as many details as you can about where your visitors came from is very important. That is why you should also look for the search terms that people used when coming from a search engine. Most trackers or log analysis program will give you the search terms that were used on the referring search engines.  Take a look at these terms and see if you are really getting targeted traffic. If what you consider to be your most important keywords are not high up in the list of search terms that people are actually using to find you, then you have to adjust the content of your website accordingly.

The activity of people on your site is also important. Which pages do visitors use to enter and exit your site? What pages are visited the most and the least?  Finally, what is the pattern of the traffic on your site?  A good tracking or analysis program will tell you the click-path that people take through your site. The click-path is the sequence of consecutive pages that people follow as they go through your site. For example, if your visitors are not ending up on your order page, but following a sequence that leads them out of the site without ordering, you can look at your site again and correct the weak spots.

You can get access to these statistics in a few ways.

1. Your hosting provider may have a built in traffic analysis program.

2.  Install a java script tracking code to your pages. Several sites provide script trackers such as GetClicky.    Once your tracker is installed, all you have to do is to log into the site to see your stats.

3.  Use tracking software installed on your computer.

4.  Google offers a statistics reporting service,  free of charge,  in their Google Analytics program.

Gather your website statistics using a method that is easy for you and use this data to improve the performance of your website. When you get an idea of who your visitors are, how they are finding your website and which pages they are visiting on your website, you can then make changes and upgrades that will boost your online success.

August 23, 2010

5 FREE Ways To Get Your Website Noticed

If you have a website, then you are certainly concerned with getting it noticed and increasing your traffic. However, you might not have a large budget for advertising or marketing and simply don’t know what to do to get your website noticed without spending a lot of money. Well, the following 5 tips will help your website attract attention without spending any money!

Tip #1 Submit to Directories
Submitting your website to directories is generally free and all you have to do is provide your website’s URL, a brief description, and then your site will be listed in the directory for people to browse. In addition, not only will people be able to browse the listings, but your site will also have more one way links pointing back to your site that will increase your rankings in the search engines.

Tip #2 Submit to Search Engines
If you want to get your site noticed then you want to make it easy on web surfers to find your site. So, submit your site to the search engines to have it indexed. Then , when people search the web for certain keywords they just might find your site and drop by to take a look.

Tip #3 Reciprocal Links
Reciprocal links are another good idea if you are interested in increasing your search engine rankings. Simply trade links with other websites and you host their link on your site and they host your link on their site. This does not take much effort or time and once you have the links you will basically have free advertising.

Tip #4 Include Your URL Everywhere
Your URL needs to be on all types of communication you use. For example, make sure your URL is included on your stationary, business cards, in all of your e-mails, and the like. When your URL is posted everywhere you will surely increase your site’s traffic.

Tip #5 Email List
You can create an email list from all the visitors that have visited your website and periodically send them updates advertising different services or specials.  Before you know it you will have more people visiting your site and others recommending your site as well.
Have a great day and get started on increasing your traffic.

August 1, 2010

Payment Proof

I just received a $25 Paypal payment from SurveyheadSurveyhead has many daily surveys.  Most of the surveys pay at least $1to $5 and some higher.  The minimum payout is $25, which is easy to reach. Also when you join Surveyhead you will receive a $5 sign up bonus. The only downside is it takes 4-6 weeks to receive payout.  Below is the paypal proof of my payment.

July 14, 2010

The World Is Your Marktplace!

I wanted to share with you some interesting Internet World Statistics.

If you were to open a convenience store, you would think long and hard about the store's location. It would not make much sense to open it in a remote area with few customers. When you start a website, every person with online access is a potential customer. Have you ever wondered how many people actually use the Internet? Is it a few hundred thousand, a few million or more?

According to the Internet World Stats website, out of a total 6.5 billion people on the planet, about 1/6th of them go online. That is a staggering 1 billion people! Obviously those who could potentially access your website is less than that since for example not everyone speaks the same language. If you are developing a website in English then you have access to at least 330 million people considering just North America. Of course there are many more English speaking countries so that number is much larger.

In addition, consider that there is still the other 5 billion of the population that does not have online access. Every year more people get access to the Internet as the infrastructure is improving worldwide while the cost of access is decreasing. It might be that growth in North America is slowing down but it is increasing rapidly in less developed countries.  Take a look at internet world stats.

July 1, 2010

Is Freeware Safe? How To Be A Smart Downloader.

More and more people are learning about the awesome resource on the Internet known as freeware. Freeware is the shorthand term used to describe free software. Yes, freeware is an amazing resource and I have been an enthusiastic user and promoter since I learned about it years ago.

What I found interesting, though, were the number of people I spoke to about freeware who said that they would never use it because they heard that free software contains viruses. My first thought was that this was just not a true statement. I have been using freeware for years and have never been infected.

However, after giving the idea more thought, I realized that such a concern is not without merit. But to a lot of people, downloading software from the Internet is a scary idea.

How does the average, non-technical person know what is safe and what isn’t? If you do a search on Google for the term freeware, more than 170 million pages are returned. The problem is that if you just start downloading software that looks good, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble.

Yes, freeware can contain spyware, adware, trojans, back doors, key loggers, bots or viruses. So, you should be concerned.

So how do we know how to avoid dangerous software? We can try freeware websites, but some sites will list any and all freeware that they can find just so they can say that they have the largest collection. Some sites list only a subset of freeware by sticking to the popular versions. But popular does not always mean the best and this still does not guarantee safety.

If you want to be a smart downloader, I have found that there is no substitution for old-fashioned research. There are two sources you need to find to gather enough information to be an informed consumer of freeware. The first source is message boards -- also known as forums or news groups.

Message boards are a great place to learn about people’s experience with a particular piece of software. Believe me when I say that if someone is unhappy, they will eagerly let everyone know about it. But be sure not to read only one or two people’s experiences. Some people just don’t know what they are doing and even though their own ignorance may be at fault, they are quick to blame the software.

The second source of information is websites that test a wide range of software themselves before posting and sharing it with the world. You would think that everyone posting software would do this. But as stated earlier, most are concerned with quantity of software and not quality. So how do you find a website that you can trust? Part of it is just knowing the history and the background of the different websites and this, again, is learned via research.

There is a lot of great freeware out there but you need to be a smart downloader. Do your research.
Personally, I download the majority of my freeware from C-Net. All software is tested and free of spyware, viruses, etc. I haven't had a problem in the many years I have been a C-Net user. Please leave a comment about your use and experience with freeware. Happy Downloading!

June 20, 2010

$3000 Referral Contest

I have mentioned before that Traffic Splash is one of my top 5 Traffic Exchanges.
If you aren't already a member, now is the perfect time to sign up.
Not only you will gain traffic, but surf or refer and get prizes galore!

3 2 1 GO! $3,000 Referral Contest
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There will be 20 Lucky Referrers each and every
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Every active referral counts as a ticket in the
draw, so even if you get just one active referral
you could win.

Or just surfing, you can win tons of free credits, banner ads, text ads and even $CASH$
The prize page is displayed every 15 pages surfed.

Come check out the fun, gain website traffic and win prizes...
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June 12, 2010

Powerful advertising program that will bring you guaranteed website traffic!

Today I’m going to show you something that’s easy, effective, fast, and cheap.

It’s called Elite Safelist, and it’s owned by a very respected Internet Marketer, Solomon Huey.

Elite Safelist is your instant solution to getting traffic to your websites in minutes. How does it work exactly?
Here’s 3 steps to start reaching thousands of people literally in minutes:

1) Join Elite Safelist

2) Send a mailing to its members

3) Earn mailing credits by reading emails and clicking the credit links at the bottom.

That’s it! Easy right?

Yes, it’s a powerful advertising program that will bring you guaranteed website traffic. But it does much more than that if you use it properly.

When you refer new members to Elite Safelist, you get rewarded several ways, which helps you save time and make more money. If you refer just one upgraded member, you get…

* Tons of mailing credits to send advertisements at Elite Safelist
* Commissions every single month the member stays upgraded
* Commissions on every credit purchase
* A downline builder system where your referrals could become your downline in multiple programs

What’s most powerful is the residual commissions. Just for telling one person about Elite Safelist, you could get paid for years for making a sale just once!

They even give you professionally made tools that you can use to get referrals right away, like emails, banners, reviews, signatures, and more.
When you join Elite Safelist, you’ll automatically become a part of their incredible affiliate program that saves you time, advertises your business, and makes you more money.

Check out the video>>Elite Safelist

June 7, 2010

Misleading Subject Lines

There's something that recently has been annoying me when I open my e-mail.  It's kind of become a pet peeve of mine in e-mail advertising.
I want to know how others feel about misleading subject lines in your e-mail.  Everyone gets those e-mail ads with the false subject lines to get you to open the e-mail.  These are just a few examples:
You've received....
You've been paid...
Commisssions Earned... 
Payment received...
Immediate Response Required...
Re: Your Request

I am somewhat bothered by this kind of e-mail advertising.  I get the feeling that I am being misled and not given key information right off the bat.  I understand the need for eye-catching and attention getting subject lines, but I believe this can be achieved without false or misleading subject lines? 

I would love to hear your opinions on this subject. Whether it bothers you or not, please leave a comment.

May 24, 2010

Own The Web...Real Income...Real People!

I just want to tell you about this incredible new social networking site I have been using.  Anyone can earn monthly payments very easily.  PeopleString is truly becoming recognized as the best “New Internet Media Channel”.

*PeopleString is now interfaced with two of the larger Social Networks; Twitter and Facebook.  All of your email services like yahoo, hotmail and gmail are accessible here. Now when you post your status it can reach other social walls with the interconnections PeopleString has built in.
*Up to 70% of the revenues from everyday advertising and searches are being paid out globally and community wide.  You definitely won't get that from Facebook.
*PeopleString has laid out its first of many "Social Game Apps" that will help everyone have fun and make a ton of money for Everyone!

Recognize the momentum and join in the FUN.  It is FREE and you get paid for doing what you are doing online, ANYWAY!

May 13, 2010

Got Paid!

Payment Proof
American Consumer Opinion
Great paid survey site. I also get a lot of product surveys here. So, not only do I get paid, I also get to keep the products they send me in the mail. These products are regular size packages also, not just the little sample sizes. The surveys are fun and easy to navigate. ACOP is definitely in my top 10 paying surveys sites.

March 9, 2010

Payment Proofs

Inbox Dollars - Excellent GPT Site
They have over 5 million members and they are featured in many TV shows and other media for their honesty. They pay people without any delay each and every time.
Inbox Dollars

Global Opinion Panels (Synovate) - Top Survey Site
This is 2nd payment I have received.
Synovate Surveys

February 21, 2010

How Viral Mail Profits could change your life!

Finally the tool that every serious email marketer has been waiting for. And best of all it is FREE. If you use safelists, you will love this.

You know how you get too busy to do mailings?
No time to for hunting down your email copy? Or writing fresh emails?
And then you forget when your next email is due?
With Viral Mail Profits you don't have to worry about that anymore. You can have them all organized and up to date in one place.

Viral Mail Profits is truly the one and only place
that is designed to discipline you and is designed
to make you take action.... and that my friends is
what we all need.

* You save time
* You're more focused and the bottom line...
* You make more money!

It only took me about an hour to set everything up and is now smooth sailing. So don't lose any more sign ups and take your mailings to the max the fast and easy way.

January 29, 2010

Cool New Tool To Explode Your Twitter Following

I found this cool new way to get tons of Twitter followers. I just started a couple of days ago and I am gaining more and more new followers everyday. You just log in through your Twitter account and start viewing members. Then you decide if you want to follow them or not. There's also a follow back feature. The really neat thing is you can also upload a short video that all members will see with your profile.
You can also earn as an affiliate with this site. I could go on and on, but why not go check it out for yourself. It is FREE to join.

Fastest way to explode your Twitter Following>>>>>>>

January 26, 2010

$1 For Each Referral Up For Grabs for 60 days!!!!

This really is an excellent listbuilding tool I have been using. It's a system that works for you at getting free traffic to your sites and it is growing by the 100'a everyday.
But the best part is that right now you can get $1 for each referral for 60 days. You could make some very nice extra cash just promoting this site. Promoting is easy since this is actually a good useful site.
So if you want a lot more free traffic sent to your sites and make cash at the same time, then you don't want to miss this. Try List Building Maximizer right away.
Free To Join>> Good Luck

January 23, 2010

Jackpot Prize Time Again

Next Wednesday on the 27th of January we're setting the Jackpot prize
to $100 cash.

There will be two $50 prizes.

$50 will be awarded to the first person who clicks on the email
with the Subject: “ViralAdStore Jackpot Email – Open Quickly!”
and $100 will be awarded to the referring member.
If the person who opens the Jackpot email is your referral then
you also win $50

The more referrals you have, the better chance of winning!

Good Luck :)

January 11, 2010

Affiliate Funnel Is A Different Way Of Thinking When It Comes To Downline Building

Downline building has been around since the beginning of the internet. The offer is very exciting, let people know about your product or service, refer a few folks and presto, you are on your way to massive success. What's the problem with this scenario though?

Simple, downline building isn't as effective as it once was years ago. Sure there are people making lots of money online using their downlines and affiliate marketing strategies but during the past few years a change has been taking place.

It's called the marketing funnel and if you think of the pyramid look of a 'downline', flip it!

Here's how it works. Get as many people as you can into the top of your funnel and funnel them down into paying customers. Start with a free front end product or service and then let your marketing turn those free leads into paying customers and clients.

Affiliate Funnel is a service that does this plus so much more. It is an all in one business hub that shows you how to properly promote online using the best free resources around and channel these leads into a thriving downline. This is the power of a well put together marketing funnel, taking leads and turning them into clients.

Affiliate Funnel is owned by two guys who have build massive six figure businesses using free resources and their own marketing funnel. Paul Kinder and Jon Olson have put their experience in a bottle and packaged it for anyone to check out for free at:
Be sure to check out the Funnel today and start to promote your business the right way using the absolute best tools on the net. The results are there, it's time to grab them.

January 7, 2010

Update of some great GPT and PTC sites! Great for fast extra cash!!!

Need some cash quickly?....Then check these out!

Also good for advertising your programs!

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