June 20, 2010

$3000 Referral Contest

I have mentioned before that Traffic Splash is one of my top 5 Traffic Exchanges.
If you aren't already a member, now is the perfect time to sign up.
Not only you will gain traffic, but surf or refer and get prizes galore!

3 2 1 GO! $3,000 Referral Contest
321 Prizes are on the line worth over $3,000 in
cash and prizes, potential top prize of $500 and...

There will be 20 Lucky Referrers each and every
day so EVERYBODY has a chance to win!

Every active referral counts as a ticket in the
draw, so even if you get just one active referral
you could win.

Or just surfing, you can win tons of free credits, banner ads, text ads and even $CASH$
The prize page is displayed every 15 pages surfed.

Come check out the fun, gain website traffic and win prizes...
And did I mention it's FREE!


June 12, 2010

Powerful advertising program that will bring you guaranteed website traffic!

Today I’m going to show you something that’s easy, effective, fast, and cheap.

It’s called Elite Safelist, and it’s owned by a very respected Internet Marketer, Solomon Huey.

Elite Safelist is your instant solution to getting traffic to your websites in minutes. How does it work exactly?
Here’s 3 steps to start reaching thousands of people literally in minutes:

1) Join Elite Safelist
=> http://tinyurl.com/yhe26c3

2) Send a mailing to its members

3) Earn mailing credits by reading emails and clicking the credit links at the bottom.

That’s it! Easy right?

Yes, it’s a powerful advertising program that will bring you guaranteed website traffic. But it does much more than that if you use it properly.

When you refer new members to Elite Safelist, you get rewarded several ways, which helps you save time and make more money. If you refer just one upgraded member, you get…

* Tons of mailing credits to send advertisements at Elite Safelist
* Commissions every single month the member stays upgraded
* Commissions on every credit purchase
* A downline builder system where your referrals could become your downline in multiple programs

What’s most powerful is the residual commissions. Just for telling one person about Elite Safelist, you could get paid for years for making a sale just once!

They even give you professionally made tools that you can use to get referrals right away, like emails, banners, reviews, signatures, and more.
When you join Elite Safelist, you’ll automatically become a part of their incredible affiliate program that saves you time, advertises your business, and makes you more money.

Check out the video>>Elite Safelist

June 7, 2010

Misleading Subject Lines

There's something that recently has been annoying me when I open my e-mail.  It's kind of become a pet peeve of mine in e-mail advertising.
I want to know how others feel about misleading subject lines in your e-mail.  Everyone gets those e-mail ads with the false subject lines to get you to open the e-mail.  These are just a few examples:
You've received....
You've been paid...
Commisssions Earned... 
Payment received...
Immediate Response Required...
Re: Your Request

I am somewhat bothered by this kind of e-mail advertising.  I get the feeling that I am being misled and not given key information right off the bat.  I understand the need for eye-catching and attention getting subject lines, but I believe this can be achieved without false or misleading subject lines? 

I would love to hear your opinions on this subject. Whether it bothers you or not, please leave a comment.
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