January 29, 2010

Cool New Tool To Explode Your Twitter Following

I found this cool new way to get tons of Twitter followers. I just started a couple of days ago and I am gaining more and more new followers everyday. You just log in through your Twitter account and start viewing members. Then you decide if you want to follow them or not. There's also a follow back feature. The really neat thing is you can also upload a short video that all members will see with your profile.
You can also earn as an affiliate with this site. I could go on and on, but why not go check it out for yourself. It is FREE to join.

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January 26, 2010

$1 For Each Referral Up For Grabs for 60 days!!!!

This really is an excellent listbuilding tool I have been using. It's a system that works for you at getting free traffic to your sites and it is growing by the 100'a everyday.
But the best part is that right now you can get $1 for each referral for 60 days. You could make some very nice extra cash just promoting this site. Promoting is easy since this is actually a good useful site.
So if you want a lot more free traffic sent to your sites and make cash at the same time, then you don't want to miss this. Try List Building Maximizer right away.
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January 23, 2010

Jackpot Prize Time Again

Next Wednesday on the 27th of January we're setting the Jackpot prize
to $100 cash.

There will be two $50 prizes.

$50 will be awarded to the first person who clicks on the email
with the Subject: “ViralAdStore Jackpot Email – Open Quickly!”
and $100 will be awarded to the referring member.
If the person who opens the Jackpot email is your referral then
you also win $50

The more referrals you have, the better chance of winning!

Good Luck :)

January 11, 2010

Affiliate Funnel Is A Different Way Of Thinking When It Comes To Downline Building

Downline building has been around since the beginning of the internet. The offer is very exciting, let people know about your product or service, refer a few folks and presto, you are on your way to massive success. What's the problem with this scenario though?

Simple, downline building isn't as effective as it once was years ago. Sure there are people making lots of money online using their downlines and affiliate marketing strategies but during the past few years a change has been taking place.

It's called the marketing funnel and if you think of the pyramid look of a 'downline', flip it!

Here's how it works. Get as many people as you can into the top of your funnel and funnel them down into paying customers. Start with a free front end product or service and then let your marketing turn those free leads into paying customers and clients.

Affiliate Funnel is a service that does this plus so much more. It is an all in one business hub that shows you how to properly promote online using the best free resources around and channel these leads into a thriving downline. This is the power of a well put together marketing funnel, taking leads and turning them into clients.

Affiliate Funnel is owned by two guys who have build massive six figure businesses using free resources and their own marketing funnel. Paul Kinder and Jon Olson have put their experience in a bottle and packaged it for anyone to check out for free at:
Be sure to check out the Funnel today and start to promote your business the right way using the absolute best tools on the net. The results are there, it's time to grab them.

January 7, 2010

Update of some great GPT and PTC sites! Great for fast extra cash!!!

Need some cash quickly?....Then check these out!

Also good for advertising your programs!


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