October 13, 2010

Top Management Uses Blogs To Increase Business

Top management executives at corporate giants like Sun Microsystems, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, General Motors and Hewlett-Packard are in the blogging arena. What is prompting these busy executives to take time out form their hectic schedules to join in the conversations in the blogosphere? Simple, it is the desire to promote a new atmosphere of openness with employees, shareholders, customers, prospects and the general public in the process not only increasing business but, more so, giving a human voice to the company.

Why are the bosses blogging?

“What began as an experiment has become an important means of communication for GM. It has given me, personally, an opportunity to get much closer with you, the public.” These are the words of former General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz.  His blog has received more than 5,000 visits and 13,000 page views a day. 

Blogging provides management with a fast and cost-effective means of conducting two-way communications with the company’s audience. Management and customers, industry peers or the public all have the opportunity to respond either in the comment box or their very own blogs. Management wants to find out how the public views the company so it can improve its products or services. Listening and engaging the blogging community can turn out to be a highly effective way of discovering what your targeted audience thinks about your company.

Top management can use feedbacks, good and bad, to their advantage.  Unfavorable comments are not filtered out. Management evaluates these inputs and responds accordingly. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz emphasized it is extremely important to run the bad with the good comments or else credibility will suffer.

As a whole, top management executives use blogs to help generate sales thereby increasing business. Blogs help them develop a human voice that customers, prospects, shareholders, industry peers, employees and the general public can relate. Giving a human voice to the company is significant as people basically do business out of relationships as they do out of prices and benefits. Blogging promotes a two-way communication about what is important to companies and communities – dialogue that more often than not builds a working relationship.

With the amount of blog readers rising daily, expect more top management executives blogging to increase business.


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