May 22, 2013

Bloggers Get Paid To Sverve

Sverve has quickly become one of my favorite sites for connecting with brands.  I started getting accepted for product reviews and sponsored posts immediately.  Usually when I sign up to sites of this nature, it takes a while before I start receiving offers, if any at all.  I have been a member of Sverve for less than 2 months and have already participated in four brand campaigns.

Sverve banner

Sverve is different from similar sites that offer bloggers to brands connections.  Sverve also helps to connect to readers.  This is the Sverve Solution:

  • Share tips and content in your areas of expertise
  • Earn a  Sverve score based on frequency of activity, content quality and reader endorsements
  • Find paid opportunities and rewards from brands
  • Attract new readers and grew personal brands

Brands & Marketers
  • Find influential bloggers based on areas of expertise, location and score
  • Get recommendations on brand opportunities with most influential bloggers
  • With product reviews, brand ambassadors and guest blogging opportunities improve and optimize ROI

  • Find and share great content all on one easy to use platform
  • Connect with other moms on topics you care about most
  • Promote favorite bloggers by endorsing them

Bloggers sign up for FREE here>>>Sverve  and start getting your Sverve on.   Let me know if you join so I can endorse you.

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