May 5, 2013

I Want To Revolt Now!

Yes, I have started to REVOLT!  Who am I revolting against?.....Myself, of course.   

This year I told myself I was going to start working out again and take better care of myself.  I really mean is now that I've hit my 40's I require more maintenance - more often:)  

Right before I became pregnant with my daughter, I was in the best physical shape of my life.  I was working a physically demanding job and was proud of how strong and fit I had become.  I had just hit 30 and never had any problems with my weight. I ate whatever I wanted, worked out only here and there and it was smooth sailing.

Now my daughter is 9 years old and smooth sailing has hit some choppy waves.  I quit my very physical tiling job to stay at home with my daughter.  I am lucky that I still don't have any weight issues, but I have become severely out of shape.  Since becoming a blogger, my butt spends way too much time glued to the couch in front of my laptop.  In fact, I seem to have lost it somewhere and developed an extremely serious  case of flat ass.
I saw the opportunity to become a #RevoltNowFit blogger and jumped on it.  I thought this would be exactly what I needed to get moving and stay motivated.  My goal is to tone and strengthen every muscle and build stamina.  I want to get out and do the things I used to without getting short of breath or tiring too easy.  I want to be a toned and active 41 year old hottie.

Revolt with Nichole Huntsman week 1

I have received free access to Revolt with  Nicole Huntsman in exchange for weekly blog posts of my fitness progress and honest review of the program.  It is very reasonably priced at only $9.99 a month.  Receive weekly meal plans with recipes and each day's easy to follow workout videos.  Nicole does a fabulous job with the videos.  I like following and listening to her.  Each week's workout includes cardio days and strength training days.  I like that the workouts change from week to week so I won't get bored.  

As a Revolt member you also receive access to the "For Members Only" Facebook group.  This group is excellent for moral support, tips, resources and good old motivation.  I believe sharing stories (good and bad) with others going through the same thing is very helpful and comforting.  

Revolt detox week diet
I will admit after week 1, I was disappointed in myself.  I knew getting started would be the hardest, but holy crap on a cracker!  I didn't do all the workouts and I'm struggling with the diet.  I'm a pretty picky eater and have a big sweet tooth, but I'm going to keep trying.  And on a side note, Wednesday evening Rachel decided to fall out of a tree and break her arm.  So much for workout fun with mama.

Come see me every Sunday for my weekly updates and information on how to join me on the #RevoltNowFit program.  I will be posting some before pictures with measurements soon and then regularly throughout the next 12 weeks.   

Revolt detox diet 

I'm looking forward to having crepes tomorrow for breakfast to kick off week 2!  So glad the week 1 detox diet is over.  I really don't want to see another hard boiled egg for quite some time.



Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received free access to Revolt  for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 


Sarah (aka Mom) said...

I am so glad to be finished with the eggs as well! Good luck!

Lucero De La Tierra said...

I'm a #RevoltNowFit bloggger as well and my weeks got all screwed up because of having the flu during what was supposed to be my jumpstart week. I had a fridge full of food from that week that I had to consume. Good or bad for me I didn't have the privilege of the detox diet last week. Prob have to do it some other time. I don't eat much sugar though cuz I try to keep it out of the house because I WILL eat it if it's here. Good luck on your efforts.

Unknown said...

My days got a little screwed up this week too with being sick. Hope the rest goes a little more smoothly for us all.

Molly said...

It's great to read your story. I actually can relate. I have always been skinny and always ate what I want. But last year, after having two babies and developing a horrible diet, my metabolism has taken a nose dive. I'm gaining weight and inches and I feel sucky about myself. I also cannot keep up with my two boys!

I'm thinking of becoming a Revolt blogger. Just reading about some other blogger's experiences.

Unknown said...

Thanks Molly. I'll admit it's hard getting started, but you'll be so glad you stuck it out.

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