April 16, 2013

My Dream Yard

I have always wanted a huge yard that is beautifully landscaped.  Well, in a couple of months I will have my huge yard, but the beautiful landscape is going to take some time.  I have come up with lots of ideas of how I would like my yard to look.  I have even developed a list of what elements I want to have in my backyard.

I have got a lot of my ideas looking online and the possibilities are endless.  So when I see something I like, I just click the Sweet Relish button on my toolbar and add it to my "Dream Yard" catalog.  If you've never heard of Sweet Relish, it's a cool new site to discover, organize, share and even buy your favorite products.

Back to my beautiful yard list, which I now call my dream yard list.  I think the perfect backyard should be beautiful, relaxing and fun for the whole family.  The following is my list of what I believe are necessary to achieve my dream yard.

  •  Garden - both vegetable and flower
  •  Grill 
  •  Pond
  •  Playground
  •  Fire pit
  •  Stone pathways
  •  Solar lights
  •  Swing
  •  Patio furniture set
  •  Tree house
I had to add the last one.  I have always wanted a tree house since I was a little girl and would love to build one for my daughter.  If you could build your dream yard, what would it have?


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