April 1, 2013

How To Save Money Making Your Own Decor

I'm a mom that's always looking for ways to save money.  I clip coupons, reuse items, cut my families hair and anything else I can do to save a few bucks.  If you look around my home, you'll see a lot of handmade decor.  Instead of spending a lot of money on picture frames, curtains and decorations, I like to make my own.  I think handmade items puts my personality into my home.

Watch for sales at the craft stores and you can buy most of your basic supplies really cheap.  You can make so many things with a limited number of supplies.  The following is my list of on hand basic crafting supplies.  Some of these items you probably have laying around the house and don't even need to buy.
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • sewing needles and thread in variety of colors
  • good pair of sharp scissors
  • tape measure
  • pens, pencils, markers, etc.
  • stencils
  • material & ribbon scraps
  • crafting wire, hooks, fasteners
  • acrylic paints and a few paintbrushes in different sizes
  • stapler
  • clear gloss coating
I'm also lucky that I live 10 minutes from the beach and pick up a lot of shells and other beach finds that I use in my crafts.  Picture frames are one of the easiest and most fun for me to decorate.  You can paint, cover with fabric or glue things on them.  Here are a few that I have made for pennies.

handmade picture frames

My daughter's room seems to get most of my decor inspiration.  A few things I have made for her room are:
  •  a growth chart - a piece of wood, stencils and paint with a sea life theme
  •  picture board - cardboard, material, ribbon, thumbtacks and glue
  •  chalkboard - plywood, scrap wood for trim pieces, spray chalkboard paint
  •  shelf - 2 pieces wood, scrap tile, grout, glue

Handmade Growth Chart

Handmade tile shelf

Handmade Picture Board

Handmade Chalkboard

My next project is some curtains.  I'm not quite sure of my design yet, but I'm sure I'll post them here when I finish.  One is for a large picture window and two for Rachel's room.  She has already told me her requirements that they must be pink & purple and have some bling.  I already have some old sheets that I'm using for most of them.  I should only have to spend a couple dollars for her bling gems. 

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