April 29, 2013

How To Choose Your Camping Gear

Camping is a great family activity.  It's also fairly inexpensive after you have your basic camping necessities.  Choose your camping gear wisely and it can last for many years of special family time memories.  I know nobody in my family will ever forget my rattlesnake scare camping story.  (Don't worry it was a funny story and I wasn't bit by a rattlesnake)

The following are my 6 most important camping gear and how I choose the best ones for me and my family.

  • Tent - I don't like tiny and cramped places, so I have a rule of thumb when choosing what size tent to take.  I double however many people will be sleeping in the tent.  If 3 sleeping, then I must have at least a 6 person tent to know I'll be comfortable.
    Summer Beach Camping Checklist
  • Sleeping Bag - Choose a bag rated for whatever temperature and climate you'll be camping in.  Also make sure you check the width and length, especially if you're a tall person.
  • Cook Stove -  I prefer a basic folding camping stove that you just attach a small propane tank to.  It's easy, convenient and easy to store.  It has 2 burners which is sufficient for cooking whatever you want.
  • Chair - Choose a sturdy and comfortable beach chair with a cupholder
  • Cooler - Don't buy one of those flimsy styrofoam coolers.  Choose a large well built cooler with sturdy handles and wheels. I also recommend having a small 6-pack cooler for easier carrying on walks.
  • Lights - Everyone should have their own trusty flashlight.  Headlamps are great for the kids.  They are less likely to lose them and it's easier to keep track of where the kiddos are.  You should also have a couple lanterns on hand.

I made a list on Sweet Relish of some of my favorite camping gear to check out for ideas.  Take a look and tell me what you like or don't like.  I've become a little addicted to Sweet Relish lately.  It's so easy to create and organize your shopping lists, wish lists or any other kind you wish to make.  I added a Relish button to my tool bar so I can add stuff to my lists no matter what site I am on.  See some of my other lists in the right sidebar.

What's your favorite part of camping?  Mine is when we tell the kids scary stories and try to scare them. I can't believe the scary old fisherman with a hook for a hand story still works.  Remember that one?  Happy camping to all.

Thank you to Sweet Relish for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are 100% my own based on my experience.

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