March 27, 2013

Become a Cree and Scooter Parent Ambassador

Cree and Scooter Parent Ambassadors

Empowering Parents To Empower Children Of The World

Cree and Scooter is a childrens series created by WNBA All Star, Tammy Sutton-Brown.  Her passion for travel and learning about other countries inspired Cree and Scooter. She wants to encourage early literacy for kids and expose them to other countries, cultures and the world around them.  

Cree and Scooter 

Cree and Scooter will take your kids on a global journey and stimulate their curiosity about the world and how other people live.  They will provide loads of entertainment and learning through books, movies, toys, workbooks, interactive website and more.

Join a network of parents to help promote childhood literacy through Cree and Scooter.  Parents earn prizes and rewards for completing promotional tasks.  Rewards include gift certificates, household items and Cree and Scooter merchandise.

Cree and Scooter Parent Ambassador Program

I will also be reviewing a Cree and Scooter book soon.  Keep a look out for the coming review post.

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