March 12, 2013

Sterling Silver Jewelry Giveaway

michelle chang jewelry
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I love jewelry, especially handmade jewelry.  Sterling  silver is my favorite.  I even like it better than gold.  I checked out  Michelle Chang's jewelry online and love it.  It's unique and beautiful.  Enter to win your own handmade jewelry piece.  Good luck Everyone.

A Little About Michelle Chang and her Jewelry!
michelle in the studio
 Michelle Chang Jewelry was launched in NYC, but Michelle then moved to Los Angeles, where she has continued to create and hand craft beautiful pieces of jewelry. At one point in time Michelle was an aspiring fine artist, an interior designer and an illustrator! She found enjoyment in doing all of those things, but nothing compared to her satisfaction she feels when making jewelry. 
Her jewelry can be described as organic, nature or geometry inspired. She mainly uses materials such as gold, sterling silver, diamonds and semi-precious stones in her jewelry. Every piece of Michelle Chang Jewelry is handmade and unique. Any noticeable imperfections it may have just adds to the uniqueness and provides assurance that it was indeed fabricated from start to finish by human hands!

Baby Skull Necklace in Sterling Silver w/Diamonds

I received the Baby Skull Necklace in Sterling Silver with Diamonds from Michelle Chang Jewelry. This skull pendant is miniature and tiny with diamond eyes and is on a fine chain. While it may be only about 1/4" in height, I still love it and it is beautiful! I love how you can tell it is uniquely handmade when looked at close up. The pendant comes on a 17" chain. This pendant is also available with out diamonds as well as in 14k gold. I myself prefer sterling silver or white gold.

Size & Legitimate?

To the left is a photo of the baby skull pendant laying next to my tapestry measuring tape and the size is accurate with the listing for the pendant. 

I did take this to my jeweler who knew right away that the pendant was for sure sterling silver. He then tested the diamonds and confirmed they are REAL! Not that I don't find Michelle Chang Jewelry to be legitimate or not trust worthy, but I wanted to make sure I was giving you (all of my readers), accurate information. I didn't want to mislead any loyal readers. 

Beautiful, Unique & Handmade!

My only complaint about this beautiful work of art is that if the chain were to break I couldn't replace it... The only way to do so would be to construct a new chain after already feeding it through the pendant. Unfortunately, I do not get to wear this as much as I would like as my 14 month old son loves to pull on my chains and already broke one Dan bought me.

My Absolute FAVORITE piece of Michelle Chang Jewelry?!
Baby Skull Band Ring in Sterling Silver with Diamonds UNISEX
Photo from Michelle Chang Jewelry on Etsy
This BEAUTIFUL hand crafted Baby Skull Band Ring in Sterling silver with Diamond Eyes, priced at $938!

Connect with Michelle Chang Jewelry
Visit Michelle Chang Jewelry on her website, Etsy Shop and Facebook!  Also sign-up for the Michelle Chang Newsletter

One lucky winner will have their choice of any Sterling Silver Earrings without Diamonds (up to $100 Value)!! Simply enter through the Rafflecopter Form below. Entries will be verified so please be honest and fulfill all of your claimed entries. :) 
Giveaway will run from March 14th through March 31st and is open WORLDWIDE!
Disclaimer: Sarh received the above product(s) in exchange for my honest review, I was not compensated in any other way. 



Mary said...

I love the Beaded Oval Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver

Unknown said...

I like the Single Nugget Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver.

Unknown said...

I like the Single Nugget Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver.

Unknown said...

I like the Single Nugget Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver.

mystylespot said...

love the inital necklaces!

khawk said...

Baby Skull Necklace in Sterling Silver with Diamonds

Serena said...

I like the Penguin Stud Earrings Sterling Silver

polly said...

love their stack bangle bracelets in sterling silver

kitblu said...

I like the fox stud earrings closely followed by the tiny spiders!

Lisa R said...

Tiny Wire Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver

STYLE # 09_NK12

sibabe64 at ptd dot net

Rhonda said...

Tiny Sideways Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver is my fav!

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