November 16, 2012

Want To Be A Super Hero?

Butterfly Connections meditation cdI recently received a Butterfly Spirit Connections cd to review called Super Hero Mediation Practice by Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer is an intuitive, medium and spiritual teacher. Her goal with the cd is to leave you feeling more empowered and connect to your Super Hero.

I wanted to do this review because I knew it would be challenging for me. I have tried meditation before and always fail miserably. I have a very hard time clearing my mind and getting to a totally relaxed and calm state.

The CD consists of three parts:
  1. A short introduction, 3:25 min. - Preparing to embrace your Super Hero
  2. Super Hero, Part 1, 27:28 min. - Release unhealthy patterns and move into your Super Hero 
  3. Super Hero, Part 2, 21:59 min. - Strengthen your inner Super Hero with affirmations
Jennifer guides you through the meditations with sensitivity and patience.  It moves along at a pace that I can actually work with.  I have been frustrated with previous meditation cd's because they move too quickly from step to step.  Jennifer helps you to rid and transform negative thoughts and to take control of your life.  I do believe in the power of positive thinking and how it can change your life.

Super Hero Meditation practice cd
Each time I listen to the cd, I am left feeling a little more confident and less stressed.  I do recommend listening to Part 1 a few times before moving on to Part 2.   I plan to continue using the cd as I do feel better and more at ease afterwards. 

I think moms are real life super heroes, so why not embrace yours.  The more confident I feel, the more I accomplish. We all need to have that bit of personal time to get away from the stress of everyday life.

To learn more about Jennifer Farmer and her work, you can visit her official website - Butterfly Connections.

Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are 100% my own based on my experience.


3 comments: said...

Sounds very relaxing. I do some other things during my prayer/meditation times according to my beliefs, but I think the down time is important. Great review, thanks for sharing!

Melinda Dunne said...

That sounds awesome! I think we all need to stop and take a break to get more grounded especially this time of the year.

Kelly said...

This is something I could use. I need to relax.

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