November 10, 2012

Growing On Facebook

Lil' Debi As Mama buttonI finally made the leap and started a Facebook Fan Page.  I soon realized that I should have done this a long time ago.  It's already helped me bring in some new readers and I am meeting some great people.  I am also getting more likes and feedback on my posts and content.  I love to hear from others and learn a lot that way.

After starting the page, I posted the first milestone I wanted to reach.  Upon reaching 500 fans, I would give away a prize to a random fan.  I was amazed at how quickly I reached this milestone. To celebrate, Andrea Rose was chosen as the 500 fan winner.  She has already received her Amazon gift code.

I started the Lil' Debi As Mama  fan page on October 19th and have grown to 648 fans.  I have been working many late nights on this blog lately.  I have some ideas to improve and expand.  Good things are coming.  I am also working on four different reviews that will all be posted in the next couple of weeks.

The next milestone I would be thrilled to reach is 3000 fans.  I will have a giveaway and am already working on some prizes.  I don't want to reveal any prizes yet, but I will say you can wear one of them around your neck.

I also would love to hear from you - comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Or hop on over to Facebook, check out the new page, and like or comment on anything that peaks your interest.



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