August 24, 2012

How I Saved On Back To School

It's that wonderful time of year when the kiddos go back to school.  This can also be a costly time of year.  I only have one child to gear up so that does help.

Lil Debi As Mama how-I-saved-on-back-to-school

My daughter and I have a back to school ritual that helps save on the amount of supplies we have to buy.  The first thing we do is go through her closet. Our school has a dress code of polo shirts with jeans or khakis.   She had 4 brand new pair of jeans  that she only wore a couple of times at the end of last year, and they even fit better now.   We also came up with 5 polos  that were still in good condition and 4 pairs of shorts.

After the closet, we go through our desks.  I didn't even realize I had so many office supplies that hadn't even been opened yet.  My daughter also found some unused items left from last school year.  We already have half  the list  taken care of and we didn't even leave the house. 

Now it's shopping time.  I go online and check for some deals and free printable coupons. I usually start on Facebook and go from there.  You can get a deal everyday at Old Navy.  Just go to their Facebook fan page and click the Reveal A Deal button.  If you sign up on Payless Shoe Source's website, they send you a coupon for 20% off your first purchase.

I spent less then $10 getting the rest of her 3rd grade supply list at HEB.  I also received a coupon for $10 off $25 or more at Payless Shoe Source with my receipt.  Yeah:)

Lil Debi As Mama how-I-saved-on-back-to-school receipts

Here is the rest of my savings:
Lil Debi As Mama how-I-saved-on-back-to-school Old Navy
Old Navy - 2 polo shirts, 1 pair of khaki shorts and a 3 pk. of socks
Total purchase - $40.52
Savings received - $10 Super Cash on my next purchase
                             10% off my next purchase for doing a short
                              survey from my receipt    
                              And yes, these discounts can both be used at the
                              same time!


    Payless Shoe Source - 1 pair of sneakers and 3 pk of socks
        Total purchase - $29.46
        Savings              -10.00  (coupon from HEB)
        Total Spent        $19.46

Lil Debi As Mama How-I-saved-on-back-to-school image hello kitty 

Amazon - backpack, lunch box and thermos
Total purchase - $52.49
Savings                -  7.87  free super saver shipping
                                  -44.62  gift certificates (received from my
                                               paid survey earnings)   
Total Spent         $0.00

3 store total purchases = $122.47    Total out of pocket exp = $  59.98    
 Total Saved = $62.49

That's a 51% savings (as I high five myself.)  Saving money just makes me so happy:)

How do you save on back to school?  Share your tips, tricks and deals in the comments.  Let's all have a safe and happy school year.


Rachelle said...

Wow you dug up some really good finds on a dime! Very inspirational to moms out there on a budget. 51% savings, that is awesome! Do you also pack things like sunscreen and snacks when you prepare your daughter for school?

Rachelle said...

Wow, you saved 51% on your back to school supplies, thats amazing Debi! Very inspirational to know that it can be done. Do you also pack sunscreen and snacks for your daughter when you prepare her for school?

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