August 8, 2012

How I Save $600 A Year

I love when I can do something myself that saves me money.  Several years ago I started cutting my husband's hair.  I have never had any training and figured I could just wing it.  I have watched enough people get their hair cut, so how hard could it be?  I also factored in my husband's very curly hair as an advantage.  I wouldn't have to worry if I didn't cut it perfectly straight, because it curls right up anyway.

Lil Debi As Mama Home Haircut picture

I think I did pretty good.  I mean he didn't have to wear a hat or anything.  I also now trim my daughter's hair. She was a little scared the first time, but she likes it now.  I call them my VIP (and only) clients.

I do pay for my haircuts, but color my hair at home every three months.  My husband even helps me to make sure I don't leave any patches and cover all the gray. I have decided to do my first video review on a hair color.  Look for that in the next couple of weeks.

My husband's hair grows very fast.  I cut his every five weeks and trim my daughter's every 6 weeks.

Lil Debi As Mama Haircutting Tools picture

Husband - 10 haircuts a year @$20 each = $200
Daughter -  8  haircuts a year @$20 each =  $160
Me         -  4  haircolor a year @ 60 each = $240

Total Savings Per Year = $600

What kind of services do you perform yourself to save money?  Share your money saving tips in the comments.  I would love to hear and share all the great  ideas.


Unknown said...

Awesome! We do the same thing to save money as well! :)

Unknown said...

So glad to hear. Thanks for stopping by Emilee.

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