January 6, 2013

Influenster Holiday Products Review

I was really excited to receive my Holiday VoxBox from @Influenster.  This is my first VoxBox and I am impressed with the quality of products.  My daughter was hovering over me waiting to see what goodies Mama received, just in case there's something that might apply to her of course.

Holiday VoxBox

The following are all the goodies I received and my review of the products: 

 Goody #QuikStyle Brush (half round styler) ($11.99 @GoodyHair)
Goody QuikStyle brush

I love this brush.  I have very long hair and it's fairly thick.  I never dry my hair all the way because it takes too long.  This brush has microfiber bristles between the regular bristles.  I told my hubby, "Look, it's a brush with little towel nubbies on it!"
These microfibers are supposed to remove up to 30% of water as you are styling your hair.  I don't know the percentage, but I can say that it does dry my hair faster.  I just use the brush with my blowdryer and curl the bottom around the brush near end of drying.  This also saved me time by not having to use the curling iron too.

NYC New York Color #LiquidLipshine - ($2.49 @nycnewyorkcolor)

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine-Nude New YorkI am not a lipstick girl at all.  I do like some lip gloss now and then, but only a natural color.  So glad I didn't receive fire red or neon pink.  I like the Nude York City color.  It was easy to apply and went on very smoothly.  The right amount of color and gloss to give your lips a little shine and moisturizes with vitamin E.  It comes in 10 different shades for the color you like.

#KissNailDress - ($6.99 @KissProducts)

Kiss Nail DressI have seen these in the stores, but I wasn't sure about trying them.  Could it really be as easy as applying a sticker?  Begin by filing and then cleaning your nails with alcohol or polish remover.  Then select the right size, peel and stick.  Fold over the excess and file off with provided file.  I had a little trouble putting on the thumb strips without getting wrinkles.  Also be very careful when filing off the excess so it doesn't  tear.   I need some more practice with that step.  I put full fingernails on and cut some down to add a little bling to my toenails.  Although it wasn't quite easy as pie, I think they look pretty good.  They last quite a while and don't chip like polish does.

Quaker #RealMedleys Oatmeal  - (1 cup Apple Walnut $1.79 @Quaker)

Quaker Ral MedleysI don't really like oatmeal, but it smelled really good when I opened it.  Just add water and pop the cup in the microwave for less then a minute.  My hubby ate it and said it was pretty good.  He was surprised how big the chunks of fruit and nuts were.

EBOOST powderEBOOST #natural energy  - ( box of 20 powders $28 @EBOOST)

I received a effervescent powder in natural pink lemonade flavor.  I'm trying to pick a day to substitute this for my coffee.  I'm just a little scared of a day without my coffee:) 

Sole Society #PerfectPair - ($25 @solesociety)

Sole SocietyI'll admit I had never heard of Sole Society until I received this code for $25 off first purchase. They have some really cute styles. They are also allowing me to share this code with my friends.  Use code INFLUENSTER25 to get $25 off your first purchase before Jan. 31, 2013.

 MontagneJeuness #FaceMasque - Chocolate - (under $2 @MontagneJeuness)

Chocolate Mud MasqueI'm always game for trying a new face mask.  I have canyon pores, blackheads, wrinkles and the list goes on.  I would give anything for a product that would fix even just one of my facial skin problems.  As soon as you open the mask you can smell chocolate.  I left it on a little longer just because it smelled so good.  My skin did feel smoother after using and much cleaner.


back of hair after Goody brush
After using the Goody brush
Kiss Nail Dress on toes
Decorated toes with Kiss Nail
Rachel's Kiss Nails
Rachel's Kiss Nails
Chocolate Face Masque
Chocolate Masque

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received products from Influenster for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 


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