June 26, 2012

Win An Ipod Touch

777 Dragon Online Casino is giving you a chance to win a brand new Ipod Touch.  I absolutely love my Touch.  I use it mostly for apps and music.  I recently installed some educational apps on it for my daughter.  It's a fun way for her to keep up on math and reading while school is out for the summer. 

I was excited to hear that 777 Dragon was giving away an Ipod because I also love to play poker.  After a long day of working, kids and housework, I love to chill out by playing some poker.  It relaxes me and takes my mind off any of the day's worries.

If poker isn't your game, don't worry.  777 Dragon Online Casino offers all kinds of casino games.  You can play cards, dice, roulette, slots and many more.  Don't forget to check out their current promotions such as a 200% match on deposits.  

So let's go play and win.  Simply enter using the Rafflecopter tool below - grab as many points as you can to maximize your chances of winning! The winner will be announced 15 July 2012... T&C's apply.

What's your favorite casino game?  Leave a comment below.  Do you prefer dice or cards?  Good luck everyone!

Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own.

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cc said...

penny slots dice ccntx@live.com

Unknown said...

Remember that online gambling may be illegal in your jurisdiction:


Unknown said...

Giving a try though i know that i dont win :P

thisisspain said...

I'd like to win the Ipod but I am not a gamer or gambler!

sororNishi said...

I don't really gamble at all. Life is enough of a lottery without risking cash too.

Unknown said...

I am not a big gambler either. Just a few bucks now and then. Somebody has to win:)

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