June 16, 2012

What Is Your Website's Best Social Source?

Best Social Networking Site

This is a highly talked about topic and results vary. It also depends on what is the new hot site on the scene. For example, all the recent Pinterest tutorials and e-books that have been flooding my social network streams.
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I found numerous lists and stats as to which social sites are top ranking. Of course, Twitter and Facebook top most lists, but how do the others stack up?

Here are a few of the stats I found when I searched "Best Social Networking Sites":

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I like checking out stats.  They can be interesting and helpful as long as you don't go overboard.  I believe stats can be used as a guideline, but not absolute rules to live by in achieving more traffic to your blog or website. 

I went to my Google Analytics account to see my blog's best performing social sources.  Below are my stats for 2012 so far.  I am going to start checking them for every month to see how they vary.  I am interested to see if they change due to different variables.  How does content type, amount of followers and  posting frequency change the results.

I share this blog on several social networking sites and these are my current results.

Social Source Traffic - Top 5
  1. Stumble Upon with 124 connections - 32.67%
  2. Twitter with 3,361 followers - 18.67%
  3. Facebook with 563 friends - 16.00%
  4. Google+ with 101 having in circles - 4.00%
  5. Tumblr with 45 followers - 3.33%
Social Source ranking when shared through the ShareThis widget
  1. Twitter - 58.95%
  2. Stumble Upon - 12.63%
  3. Tumblr - 8.42%
  4. Pinterest with 71 followers - 7.37%
  5. Google+ - 4.21%
  6. Facebook - 3.16%
  7. Delicious - 2.11%
  8. LinkedIn with 24 1st connections- 2.11%
  9. Technorati - 1.05%
I would very much like to know your site's best social source.  Please take a second to vote below and I welcome any additional comments.  After receiving a good amount of votes, I will post the results. Who will be #1?  Be sure to check back to see the results.


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sororNishi said...

A little tricky to say which is best, but I probably use Twitter the most.

Sia A said...

Book marking this!

Unknown said...

Yes sororNishi, it is hard to determine at times. I have increased my Twitter use this year and it seems to be helping.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear Sia A. Thanks for stopping by:)

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