June 26, 2012

How To Create Infographics From Your Twitter And Facebook

Infographics are a way to present your information or data in a visually appealing graphic.  They have become very popular and are a quick way to get across your information and engage your readers.

You can create an infographic about anything, such as the tallest buildings or top 20 horror movies.  I even just saw one for the top 30 most popular passwords stolen from LinkedIn. 

Visual.ly lets you create your own fun infographics from your Twitter or Facebook data.  Visual.ly makes the process very quick and easy.
  • sign up for a free account with a user name and password
  • browse gallery and pick which information graphic you want to create
  • login to your Twitter or Facebook account and authorize the create app
  • customize by selecting accounts, hashtags or pages that you wish to explore
I created this cool custom Monster from my Facebook stats.

Create A Custom Monster From Your Facebook Stats
create infographics with visual.ly

You can also Twitterize yourself, see how you compare to Twitter allstars or see the life of a hashtag.  My Twitter data compared to Snoop Dogg's data is pretty funny.

 Twitter Data-Generated Infographic

Start creating your own and leave a comment below with the link to your infographic and let's have some fun. 

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MDCudahy said...

I've got to build one of these infographics for myself. Thanks for the great tip!

Unknown said...

Excellent Infographics!

Unknown said...

Very useful how to information. Thanks.

Barry Gumm said...

Great information , I was wondering how you do a infographic on twitter thank Thank you

Unknown said...


Whetstone Multi-Media said...

Cute Monster Mama, great idea

Anonymous said...

Magic thanks so much for this information

MarkD said...

Cool, I need to go check this out. Thanks for the info :D

Bridie Christopher said...

Brilliant, excellent thank you so much needed this information

Unknown said...

Thanks Debi for the great information. Infographics are a must have in the content marketing arsenal.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments. Infographics are hot right now. I appreciate the feedback.

Scags said...

sounds like a great program, might have to take some time out today and try it out!

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