January 18, 2012

Top 5 Traffic Exchange Tools

Traffic exchanges are a great way to get your sites viewed, gain referrals and build downlines.  Browse other member's web sites to earn credits which you use to get your own sites viewed.  
All exchanges have a a certain credit to surf ratio.  For example, view an ad for 20 seconds and receive 1 credit.  Exchanges include a captcha of some sort to ensure user interaction and keep out bots.  If you don't want to surf for credits, you can also just purchase advertising credits.  
Quite a few exchanges have also started incorporating social media sharing buttons and chat into the surf bar.  See an ad that you really like or interests you and click the tweet or like button.  This helps your ad be seen by more than just members.  If there is a chat feature, use it.  Get involved with other members.  Gain new connections and friends.  I have learned a lot from chatting with other members while surfing.
I have been noticing traffic exchange owners stepping up their game to keep things new, fresh and fun.  Most exchanges offer bonuses and prizes through contests and surfing.  The best part is traffic exchanges are free to use.  Of course, like most programs and services, they do offer special features to upgraded members.  
Splash pages are the best to use in traffic exchanges because your ad is being viewed for only 10-30 seconds.  You want your ad to be simple, to the point and eye catching.  You can use your programs pre-made splash pages or you can choose to create your own.  So finally that leads me to the tools part of this post.  

  1. Ad Kreator - A tool to create your own splash pages and banners with 100's of template designs.  Why pay a designer?  Even if you are graphically challenged, you can use this service.
  2. TE Command Post - This service helps me keep all my TE's organized, thus saving me time.  I have went into more detail about TE Command Post in a previous blog post you can refer to here:  Traffic Exchange Command Post.
  3. Traffic Exchange List - Basically the title says it all.  It is a list of TE's and related services that you can also build a downline with.  This service ranks TE's  by monitoring statistics across 100's of exchanges.  Enter your own top traffic exchange referral id's and generate your own favorite list to display on your blog or website.  You can see mine displayed in the left sidebar of this blog.
  4. TE Toolbox - A tracking service for TE's, safelists and list builders.  Also included with this ad tracker is an in house banner rotator,  website rotator and splash page maker.  These tools are helpful and easy to use because they were created by actual traffic exchange users for traffic exchange users.  Tracking your hits and conversions is important to determine which ads are working better at which exchanges.
  5. Click Track Profit - This service follows a simple 3 step concept:  Click in the BEST traffic exchanges, track to know what ads are working and what is not and profit by repeating steps 1 and 2 to be on your way.  They offer great step by step training videos with some humor mixed in too.  Nerd Surfing is a cool CTP feature also.  All you need to do is surf the 4 signature exchanges at the same time to recieve more credits per click.  While Nerd Surfing for extra credits, also collect cool exchange badges and even money badges.  Below is a screenshot of the CTP badges I have earned so far.
    CTP Badges Earned    
    Surfing traffic exchanges doesn't have to be boring or too time consuming.  These tools save me time, earn more hits and conversions of my sites and make it an enjoyable experience.  Happy Surfing to you all:)


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