December 4, 2011

Top 10 Twitter Tools (Continued)

In Friday's post, I gave you the first 5 of my 10 best Twitter tools.  The first 5 tools on my list were focused on keeping track of and organizing your followers and who you are following.  The next five tools are geared more toward Twitter content.  So back to the countdown.

5.  Buffer - This tool will analyze both your Twitter and Facebook account and determine what time of day your followers are on Twitter and when you receive the most retweets.  After your best times are analyzed and picked you can add updates to your buffer and they will automatically be sent at your scheduled best times of day.   Buffer also helps to not overwhelm your followers with too many tweets at one time.  Instead just add the post to your buffer.  They also have browser extensions to add to your buffer from any website.

6.  Tweepi - Tweepi allows you to make sense of your Twitter account.   The dashboard will tell you how many people you are following that aren't following you back and vise versa with easy options to clean these up.  You can also choose to follow users based on user lists or a certain user's followers and even analyze other Twitter user's accounts.  When you are choosing who to follow or unfollow, you can sort your list by certain criteria.  You can see Klout scores, when last tweeted, how many tweets and retweets, if validated or not, how many followers and following and more.

7.  Twylah -   Twylah takes the mess out of your Twitter stream.  It filters and arranges your account into a single page that sums up who you are and what you talk about.  

8.  Twitter Karma -   It's a flash application that fetches your friends and followers and displays them, letting you quickly navigate through them.  By default, the list is sorted by last update, showing those that most recently updated first.  You can sort the list alphabetically either ascending or descending by Twitter ID. You can filter the list in several ways: only friends or only followers, all friends or all followers, and mutual friends.

9.  Strawberry Jam -  This tool goes through the links in your Twitter account and picks out the most popular ones.  You can show popular links form the last 24, 16 or 8 hours.  You can also search anything you like and get the popular links for that topic.  This tool helps you stay in tune with your followers and what they are talking about.

10.   Who Tweeted Me -    Content analytics from Hubspot.   This tool will analyze a URL and show you its most influential retweeters, potential reach and timeline. Due to Twitter API limitations, It works best on blog post URLs that are between 1 day and 2 weeks old.    

These are the tools that helped me get my Twitter account back on track, and I hope you find them useful also.  If you have a favorite free Twitter tool, please comment below and share.
"Happy Tweeting"



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