October 6, 2013

PIpeline Spills And Breaks

I'm sure everyone has seen the news reports about the devastation from flood waters in Colorado. As floodwaters continued, authorities also had to evacuate stranded residents and deal with an oil and gas industry broken pipeline.  While other industry pipelines were sagging as saturated sediment eroded around the expanding river.

Operating oil and gas facilites in flood plains is risky.  Flood waters can spread oil, gas, and chemicals making contamination and clean up efforts harder and more complicated.  These spills are also extremely costly to clean up.  I can't imagine the devastation and loss of those Colorado residents and the tough road they have ahead of them.

In March of this year a pipeline in Arkansas sprung a leak.  Oil spilled onto lawns and the road.  Thousands of barrels of oil and water were recovered.  This leak caused people to be evacuated from their homes.  The breach was in a pipeline that starts in Illinois and carries crude oil to the Texas Gulf Coast.  The video above shows some of the damage and oil just running like a river down a neighborhood street.

The U.S. has 170,000 miles of pipeline transporting 11.3 billion barrels of petroleum products each year.  With so many pipelines, corrosion control services are highly important for maintaining the integrity of our pipelines.

Corrosion Services Company
Protect underground assests with cathodic protection services.  What is cathodic protection?  It is a technique used to control the corrosion of metal surfaces.  It prevents corrosion by converting all of the anodic (active) sites on the metal surfaces to cathodic (passive) sites by supplying electrical current from an alternate source.

Having a premium corrosion control service using a highly qualified workforce of NACE certified inspectors and NACE corrosion specialists is important to maintaining pipelines.  Then maybe we wouldn't have so many pipeline leaks and breaks that affect people on the local level in such horrible ways.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Corporate Conversions, LLC.  All opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.

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