October 19, 2013

Cash4Books October Bonus


Sell your used books, get cash back and shipping is free.

I have used Cash4Books in the past to sell some of my used books.  I have made around $150 selling 16 books in total.  Textbooks will get you the most cash back as will more recent titles.  

I love how easy the process is and I don't have to pay anything upfront.
  1. Enter ISBN from back cover of your book and get your cash offer.  It is a 10 or 13 digit number that will look like the one in the picture below. 
  2. If you accept cash offer, enter shipping information and print prepaid shipping label.
  3. Box up books and drop off at post office.
  4. Receive payment by check or PayPal.  (I always received PayPal payment within 10-14 days)
Now is the time to sell your used books and get an additional 10% cash bonus.  Sell 3 or more books and receive an additional 10% bonus with a maximum of $50 in bonus cash.  Offer expires 10/31/2013.  At checkout, enter code Patch2013 to receive your bonus.

Send Cash4Books your used books. Get fast CASH back. Shipping is FREE!

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