November 23, 2013

Remember The Alamo

I live just a little over 100 miles from San Antonio, Texas.  I love to travel there and wish we could do it more often.  There are so many great places that I have on my San Antonio must visit list.  One of the most visited and popular places on my list is the Alamo.

I think it would be great history lesson to take my daughter to see the actual Alamo that she's read about in school.  The Alamo was built to be a mission, but ended up being a military post just before the Mexican-American War.  The fort was where the epic battle in the fight for Texas independence took place.

The unforgettable battle at the Alamo is detailed in the infographic below.  

 This Infographic was Powered by Marriott.

Did you learn anything new or that you might have forgotten from grade school history class?   I didn't realize that the Alamo is totally maintained by donations and doesn't receive any government funding.

If you're ever in the San Antonio area,  be sure to stop by the Alamo, where more than 2.5 million people visit every year.

For additional information visit Remeber The Alamo.

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