September 10, 2013

Finding A Homecoming Dress

It's homecoming time!  I still remember what a big deal all the homecoming festivities were when I was in school and they still are.  There are different activities scheduled all week leading up to the big game on Friday night.  Then, of course, the traditional homecoming dance ends the week of fun.

After finding a date, the most important thing for a girl is finding "the dress".  I was lucky that my mom worked at local dress shops through my high school years.  I got first pick of the new dresses or I could special order one from the catalog.  Even better for my mom was that she could use her employee discount, which without my choices probably would have been much more limited.

Finding the perfect dress can be quite a process.  There are so many styles, fabrics and colors to choose from.  The styles have really changed over the years.  I must admit, I do like today's homecoming dress styles much better than those of the 80's.  I look back on some of my dance pictures and wonder what the heck I was thinking.  What was with those huge skirts and itchy fabrics anyway?

One way to look for that perfect dress is to start with your favorite color.  My favorite color is red, which is why I really like the dress pictured below I saw on Dress First.  I have always been a fan of the short in front and long in back look also.

Dress First

I also thought this blue dress with the white sash is pretty.  I think it would look great walking through those big gym doors into the dance.

Just Dress

Dress First is a great website to find these dress styles and so many more.  You can search dresses by occasion, style, length, color, price and more to narrow down your choices.  They are also now offering 60% Off homecomming dresses with free shipping.

I'm sure any girl would have no problem finding the right dress for that big night with hundreds to choose from.  Not to mention saving mom from being dragged around every dress store in the state just to end up back at the first one anyway.

Then don't forget prom season in a few months when the whole process begins again.  Whether you prefer a traditional style, ruffles, or a modern look, Dress First has the one you are looking for.

Just Dress

All photos courtesy of Dress First website


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Anonymous said...

I like the blue one! Very classy and timeless.

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