May 21, 2012

When Should You Post On Google+?

If you ask my friends how I am when it comes to timing, they would probably just start laughing.  My timing, more times than not, is usually just a tiny bit off.  For example, when I'm riding down the highway with my hubby and ask him to stop at a place that we just passed the exit for.  Needless to say that after 19 years he is used to turning around a lot:)

I don't have to worry about my timing with Google+ Timing.  So thank you to Daniel Treadwell for creating it.  Google+ Timing will analyze your post data history and give you the best day and time that your posts get the most action.  Just because you are posting great stuff, does not mean it is getting seen.  You want  to have the best access to your audience for your posts to have the most impact.

You will also receive a more detailed analysis including:
    Google+ Timing Debi Fitzsimmons
  • day and hour ranking from the best to the least
  • average post rank per hour
  • top posts with most reshares, +1's and comments
Another neat little feature shows you the best post times of highly circled people.  The best time to reach your Google network is different for everybody. The best time to get my posts read is Tuesday between 1 and 2am.  Here are a couple of names you'll probably recognize and their best time.
Hugh Jackman - Monday 7 - 8am
Tom Anderson -  Sunday 8 - 9pm
Daniel Treadwell - Thursday 11 - 12pm

Sign in with your regular Google user name and password and instant results right in front of you. I like one click simple.  Try it out and see if your +1's and reshares start to rise.  My post activity has increased.  It's not an extreme or dramatic increase, but any increase at all is good in my book.

Please comment below with your best day and time.  I am curious to see how they vary.
Also feel free to add me to your circles with the button above and I will return the favor.


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