April 14, 2012

Teaching an 8 Yr Old A Lesson

My daughter turned 8 last week and I have been trying to get her to do more chores.  Well, let's just say it has not been an easy endeavor.  One of the main things we all would like our kids to do...... at least keep their room picked up.  If only this could happen without me saying it over and over.  I have thought about making a recording of all the things I repeat on a daily basis to my daughter.  I could probably save a lot of my energy by doing so.  We'll leave that for another day;)

One of my pet peeves is leaving dirty clothes on the floor and what led to this blog post.  I just felt I must share it and hopefully get some feedback from other parents reading.

I walked into my daughter's bedroom and my eyes instantly went to the dirty clothes on the floor.  Then something happened to me and went click.  I instantly turned around and walked into the bathroom and picked up the overflowing basket of dirty laundry.  Then I carried into her room and proceeded to dump it all out in the middle of her floor.

At this point, she's just watching me, not sure what to think yet.  I told her since she couldn't remember to pick up her dirty clothes, that maybe she would after picking up everybody's off her floor.  I quickly walked out without giving her a chance to say a word.

My new tactic felt kind of good.  I just hoped it would work.  It's only been a week and so far so good.  She has now found the elusive laundry basket.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts, but I'm not holding my breath.  Ha Ha

What is a chore that you have the hardest time getting your child to do?  Please comment below and share your experience.  Happy Parenting:)

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