January 25, 2011

Beta Release of the PeopleString Social Portal - Yahoo! Finance





Peoplestring is now publicly traded.  They have the best homepage technology called the Insta Portal.  Own the web with me and start earning.  Just check out the article below that was published on Yahoo Finance today.

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Press Release Source: PeopleString Corporation On Tuesday January 25, 2011, 8:00 am EST
RED BANK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- PeopleString Corporation (OTCBB:PLPE.ob - News) announced today the Beta release of its new Social Portal, featuring its patent pending “InstaPortal” technology. The Social Portal allows users to create new social relationships and aggregate existing ones, such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to share in the financial benefits of their social connections. PeopleString’s recently released “InstaPortal” enables users to create their own social portal pages that feature continually updating slices of their favorite websites. Users can quickly preview, organize and visit their favorite sites and social networks.
PeopleString offers a wide array of content and organizational tools such as tabs, favorites, widgets, rss feeds, search, email, social games and connection tools for other social networks. Additionally, PeopleString has its own social network that features friend requests, blogs, message boards, photo albums, event invites, games, virtual goods and many other tools to connect and stay in touch with the “string” that you create.
“We see the opportunity for leveraging existing social relationships into a social group selling platform as one of the most exciting applications of the PeopleString technology. A single consumer does not have much clout, but by harnessing their social relationships you are creating a potentially powerful force that reshape traditional methods of marketing,” stated Darin Myman, President and CEO.

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