January 31, 2013

Helping Your Kids With Progress Cards - Review

Being a parent is not only the most important job there is, it's also the hardest.  We do everything we can to help our children learn and develop into the best people they can be.  Sometimes I have to stop and remember that it isn't always easy being a kid either. 

Progress Cards with book and Parent Passes
There are lots of tools out there to help parents and the trick is finding what works for you and your family.  With the start of a new year many are making resolutions and setting goals.  Perfect timing for me to try out Progress Cards.

Progress CardProgress Cards 


Progress cards are designed to help children better deal with feelings, develop better study habits, learn how to deal with bullies and much more.  Progress cards were developed by Scott Ertl, an elementary school counselor.  He started developing the cards in 2002 as a way of recording effective strategies for specific behaviors and issues.  These tips and techniques have helped many children deal with divorce, shyness, death, friendships, etc. 
Progress Book
I received the Progress Cards along with a Progress Book and Parent Passes.   The Progress Book has 60 different areas for kids to rate themselves on and determine strengths and weaknesses.   I had my daughter go through them and rate herself.  It was very interesting to see what she thought she was already good at and what she wanted to improve. 

Parent PassesYou use the Progress Cards to keep track of your child's improvement based on the tips and suggestions.  This is when the Parent Passes come into play.  Parent passes are cards with different activities for parents and kids to do together.  These can be used as rewards when your child reaches different goals.  My daughter has been working on focusing and listening 100%.  (Which seems to be an issue for every child I have ever met:)  She's really been trying and has earned one reward already.  She picked the Parent Pass to watch a movie of her choice with me and her dad. 

I would recommend Progress Cards to parents, teachers and just anyone who cares for children. You can also find more information on the Facebook fan page - Progress Cards.   

Scott is allowing my readers to download a free Progress Book and to print all 60 free Parent Passes.  
Free Progress Book - download  
60 Parent Passes - download 

Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. 

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